Who we are

MA Network is a community of lighting designers and MA System users that have knowledge on the GrandMA2 system amongst others and are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tutorials and assistance with MA products and technology. Further, MA Network is not run by a single group of people but allows others to contribute and collaborate allowing us to cover a wide range of topics from getting started on the console to the most complex programming techniques. MA Network was originally founded in early 2017 by Ethan and Lukas as “GrandMA2 Tutorials” but after the launch of their collaboration project and the MA3 they decided to re-brand as “MA Network”.

What we do

We aim to create a network of resources for new MA users and seasoned professionals alike. Our array of tutorials and resources will allow anybody to become an expert MA technician. We accomplish this by producing high quality tutorials, monthly livestreams where questions are asked and answered live, blogs and more!



Ethan is a young, talented lighting designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been working on the MA2 platform for 2 years and is very knowledgeable in advanced programming techniques and macro writing.


Lukas is a 19 year old lighting designer based in Berlin. He is doing lights since an age of 7 years and always held onto his hobby later realizing he wants to do it as a job. Almost 4 years ago he got into MA2 due to his passion for lighting and learning new stuff.


Julius is a club and theatre lighting technician (hobby). He has an immense passion for lighting and has been on the MA2 platform for nearly 3 years! He is also in charge of the development of our website and forum.











Join here to discuss MA related topics with like minded people. You will also be able to ask for and distribute assistance!